Campus Computer Account

A Campus Computer Account (not to be confused with Campus Connection) is required to log in to any computer on the Lake Region State College campus. It is also required to use the LRSCstudent, secure wireless that is throughout the entire LRSC campus.

How do you get an account?

  1. Read the Lake Region State College Policies. You must accept both the LRSC Computer Usage Policies and the NDUS Network and Computer Policy.
  2. Fill out the Campus Computer Account form below.
  3. Wait for an email from the LRSC Information Technology department or contact the LRSC Computer Helpcenter for faster assistance.
  4. Login to your account and change the password.

User Name: same as NDUS Account ID, if you don't know your Account ID visit NDUS Helpdesk.
Default Password: lrscXX###

  • XX are your initials capitalized, first and last name
  • ### are the last 3 digits of your Student ID#

Example: Jane Doe, Student ID# 0123456 is default password lrscJD456

Campus Computer Account

Terms & Agreement

In order to use computers owned by Lake Region State College, users must agree to the North Dakota University System and Lake Region State College Computer Policies. Users must only log into the computers with their user ID and passwords.

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